2014: Paula Project

2014 : Paula Project

On August 16, 2014 returning participants of the Art of Life program gathered together to reignite their passion for art.  Nearly 60 cancer survivors, along with the Doherty family, took part in a special class fusing project, expressing their heart to “shine on.” They began with a clear 6×6 glass tile and glued small pieces of colored glass to create their own mosaic.  When they finished the tiles were taken to a kiln where the glass was heated and melted together leaving them with beautiful works of Art.

“The Paula Project is an amazing chance for the returning Art of Life participants to support, encourage, and build relationships with each other and continue their experience with the healing power of art.” – Julie Copeland, Paula Project Art Director

A08-16-14_8166   A08-16-14_8283   A08-16-14_8150

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