Community Project

The Art of Life Community Project involves thousands of people each year to rally behind cancer survivors to transform ordinary materials into extraordinary works of art.  This project offers supporters of cancer survivors the opportunity to experience the healing power of art while banding together to spread the message of hope, love and support.



Artistic Director: Julie Copeland

The 2015 project involved 3,303 paper circles that were colored with images and message of hope.  Artistic Director, Julie Copeland transformed the collection into a 3D Masterpiece that was unveiled at the Art of Life Festival & Groundbreaking held at Woodward Park on Sunday, September 27, 2015. With the recent announcement of the Art of Life Healing Garden at Woodward Park, the 2015 Art of Life theme is “Flourish,” focusing on the personal growth found within the cancer journey.

The 2015 Community Project was made possible by the generous support of Santé Health Foundation and Santé Community Physicians.


Copy of IMG_8091

Artistic Director:  Julie Copeland

The 2014 Community Project was inspired by theme “Shine On.” Over 2,500 transparencies were colored with messages of hope.

The 2014 Community Project was made possible by the generous support of  Louis & JoAnn Herwaldt


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Artistic Director:  Julie Copeland

In an effort to serve the general community and offer an opportunity that allows people of all ages to express their support for cancer survivors, the FIRST Community Project was formed in 2013.  Over 1,500 overhead transparencies were colored with permanent markers and submitted to Julie Copeland, an Artist who specializes in spacial arts.  Each transparency was carefully heated and melted, bringing movement to the art piece and making the colors more vibrant.  It was an incredible metaphor for the “heat” of life making us stronger and more beautiful as we choose to share our story and inspire others along the way.

The 2013 Community Project was made possible by the generous support of  California Oncology of the Central Valley.