Lori’s Lavender Labyrinth

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The Art of Life Cancer Foundation is proud to announce the sponsorship of LORI’S LABYRINTH in the Art of Life Healing Garden, made possible by the family and friends of Lori Budd.  In celebration of her life, over $45,000 was raised this past year to help further develop the new Healing Garden in Woodward Park.  In the midst of Lori’s cancer journey in 2010, she participated in the Art of Life’s Paint it Forward Project, creating a work of art with other survivors on canvas.  Lori’s group’s masterpiece was entitled “We Never Walk Alone.”  Their message of hope would later become the inspiration for this key landmark in the Art of Life Healing Garden, bringing calm and reflection to all who enter.

On October 8th, 2016, the community gathered to take part in a volunteer effort, planting 400 lavender plants in the new labyrinth.  A cool breeze swept across the Art of Life Healing Garden as a sea of people gathered to roll up their sleeves and take part in this special moment.  With the help of Fresno’s Master Gardener’s, each volunteer, young and old, was guided through the planting process.  Many came to honor and remember their loved ones who they lost as a result of cancer, others planted in celebration of survivorship, marking 1 year, 5 years, or even 25+ years cancer free.  As we connected with each person, the significance of this event was beyond what words could describe. There were those in attendance who had just received news that their cancer had returned.  Others had been diagnosed for the first time weeks prior.  Each story unique… Husbands supporting wives. Children honoring their parents.  Grandchildren planting alongside grandparents, reminding us that the Art of Life Healing Garden will impact generations to come.

The Healing Garden never looked more beautiful… for many tears were shed, peace was found and hope was renewed!  This visual demonstration of our community joining together was truly remarkable, affirming that we all need a place to heal and to be reminded that we never walk alone.



When the news that we face cancer seeps in, and the process of chemotherapy or surgery or radiation or all three of the above becomes so real, our friends and family and even complete strangers give us what we need most: love and support.  Though we may start the process alone, we swiftly gain the presence and support of those who care for us and those who have walked this path before.  They walk — not behind us or beside us — but with us, through every place our journey takes us.  They give us hope. They give us love.  And they give us precious life.

Message of Hope Written by:

 Lori Budd, Valarie Bender, Nancy Padilla

Art of Life Paint it Forward Project 2010

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On December 9, 2016

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  1. Marlene Giusti says:

    We are honoured to be a part of this great project in memory of this beautiful woman, her family, and to everyone who travels this road. May you know that your are are not alone and that total strangers are praying and wishing you
    peace and love.

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