Community Project


Cancer is a scary diagnosis, yet when i saw the thousands of transparencies displayed, I was in awe of how powerful the human spirit is when faced with adversity.

 Thousands of people rally behind cancer survivors by participating in the Community Project.  Families, schools and organizations transform ordinary materials into extraordinary works of art as a testimony of love and support.

The 2014 Community Project involved overhead transparencies and permanent markers.  Participants were asked to express hope, love and support through words and images.  More than 3,000 transparencies were turned in by the local community.  Artistic Director, Julie Copeland, brought these individual works of art together.  The result is a beautiful sculpture that visually expresses the support of the community, signifying that no cancer survivor stands alone.


As a spouse of a Survivor, sometimes i felt like I was a spectator to the whole Cancer process. When i created transparencies for the Community Project I began to feel like a part of the battle, and more importantly, more connected with my wife!