Survivor Gathering




One of the most anticipated events each year is Art of Life’s annual Survivor Gathering. Hundreds of survivors unite, regardless of diagnosis, oncologist or place of treatment for a powerful event that celebrates life! Each year a new and exhilarating healing arts project allows for connection, laughter and individual expression. Survivors leave with a renewed strength to seek personal growth through life’s most difficult circumstances.

This annual event was inspired by the legacy of Paula Doherty. Paula participated in the very first Paint it Forward Project in 2007 and is shown here (with her husband Joe) in front of her masterpiece, co-created with other survivors under the direction of a local Artist.  According to her husband, the Art of Life programs allowed Paula (and her family) to be in another world and not think solely on her cancer diagnosis. Although Paula had no previous art experience, she embraced the project and became passionate about the positive impact of art in her life.  Paula believed that the Art of Life experience should not end at the Paint it Forward Project but that there should be ongoing art opportunities for survivors.  Paula’s legacy lives on through the Art of Life’s annual Survivor Gathering with the goal of connecting cancer survivors so that no one ever has to walk the journey alone.

“There is no better place to feel renewed, energized and hopeful amid a sisterhood of fellow survivors.” –Donna, Survivor

“Art of Life’s annual Survivor Gathering is one of the most important things I’ve done since my cancer diagnosis. Through tears and darkness, hope is shining through.” –Pam, Survivor