Paint It Forward

Through the deepest and darkest times in our lives, the Art of Life Canvas Project provided an outlet to open our hearts and learn to fully live and love our new lives.

Paint it Forward provides a lifeline of support for women who have experienced a cancer diagnosis at any point in their life. Over the course of a 2-day healing arts retreat they are given the tools to reflect, embrace their story and look forward with hope. While it may be difficult for women to take time out for themselves Art of Life provides a safe environment, free of stress, where everyone understands the effects of cancer. Using the healing power of art, survivors collaborate on canvas to create a masterpiece that expresses a message of hope, giving purpose to one’s pain and revealing a truth about life that may not have been realized if it wasn’t for cancer.

“When you become ill, it takes an interweaving of people to come around you and help you survive. Art of Life’s Paint it Forward program gave me a community to draw strength from so that I could not only survive, but thrive.”-Michelle, Survivor

“While I prepared myself for the physical treatment of cancer I wasn’t expecting the emotional aspect of it and how unhealthy I would become after the fact. It wasn’t until I reached out to get support and participate in the Art of Life that my soul was renewed.” –Kimberly, Survivor
“Paint it Forward has allowed me to see past the cancer, recognizing that I’m not alone and has given me hope, that there is life after cancer.” –Cecilia, Survivor

We believe that support is crucial in the survivorship journey.  Join with other cancer survivors to share what cancer has taught you about LIFE and INSPIRE HOPE through creative expression.



Whether you are currently in-treatment or 10 years cancer free, we invite you to participate!  No art experience is required, just a willingness to try something new.    Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, this opportunity has been pre-paid for cancer survivors.