1: Participate in More Community Events

–       Whether it’s farmer’s markets, local concerts, or cultural celebrations, there’s always something happening in the area!

2: Read a Book Each Month

Reading for a few minutes each day can help you FINALLY get through all those books that have been collecting dust on your shelf.

3: Eat Daily Servings of Fruits and Veggies

–       Incorporating more healthy foods into your diet can help you feel better this year!

4: Try a New Recipe Each Week

–       It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to food. Mixing things up and trying new dishes can expand your tastes.

5: Experiment with a New Hairstyle

–       New Year, New Do! Getting a new haircut or trying a new hairstyle can really set the tone for 2020.

6: Drink More Water

–       Investing in a sturdy water bottle can encourage you to drink more water each day

7: Expand Your Vocabulary

–       Learn a new word every day!

8: Schedule Overdue Doctors & Dentists Appointments

–       Make your health a #1 priority this year!

9: Practice Positive Self Affirmations

–       Negative self talk is OUT in 2020. Make a habit of saying nice things to yourself.

10: Get More Sleep

–       Try getting in bed 30 minutes to an hour earlier each night.

11: Go for More Walks or Bike Rides

–       Exploring your neighborhood or enjoying a new walking trail can be a fun way to get exercise.

12: Keep a Planner

–       Keeping a planner can help free up space in your mind to focus on other tasks.

13: Clean a Different Area of Your House Each Week

–       Tackle that junk drawer or disorganized closet you’ve been meaning to get to!

14: Schedule “Me Time

–       Disconnect from social media for a few hours every week and take time to relax and recenter yourself.

15: Random Acts of Kindness

–       Donate to your favorite NonProfit, pay for the person’s drink behind you in the drive thru line, or be kind to a stranger. No act is too small.

16: Try a new Stress Management technique

–       Guided meditation, yoga, and support groups are just a few amazing options.

17: Stick to a Budget

–       Sticking to a budget can help you save up for that thing you’ve been working towards!

18: Take an Arts class

–       Check out your local dance and art studios for beginners classes. You might ignite a new passion!

19: Quit One Bad Habit

–       Whether it’s smoking, eating too much fast food, or biting your nails, we could all stand to break one bad habit this year.


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