A Warm Hug

–       Never underestimate the power of a hug! Science shows that physical contact can lower the body’s stress hormones.

Cooking a Delicious Meal

–       Preparing a meal for someone you care about can be much more personal than going out to a restaurant.

Putting Your Phone Away During Conversation

–       In this digital age, giving someone your full attention is such a powerful way to show you care.

A Handwritten Note

–       Skip an impersonal text and opt for a handwritten note or a letter!

Giving Compliments Unrelated to Physical Appearance

–       For example, try complimenting someone’s intelligence or skills, etc.

Being an Active Listener

–       When engaged in a meaningful conversation, actively listen by repeating back pieces of what the other person has said. This shows that you’re paying close attention and ensures nothing is lost in translation.

Giving Handmade Gifts

–       Putting in the effort to create a unique handmade gift goes a long way!

Remembering the Important Things

–       Keep track of your loved ones birthdays, favorite food, movies, places to go, etc.

Doing Something They Love, Even if You’re Not a Fan

–       Biting the bullet and participating in something your loved one is excited for, even if you don’t necessarily share the same love for it, is a selfless way to show you care.

Being Reliable

–       Whether it’s showing up to help, lending a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen, being a part of a reliable support system is crucial.